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Poverty issue in Africa: An issue of Leadership

  Africa is the poorest continent in the world especially the sub-Sahara in term of standard of living. Paradoxically it is the richest continent in the world in terms of raw materials. Africa has great potentials. The human capital, the tropical weather, the bio-diversity, the cultures etc… The list cannot be exhaustive. But these can be the drive to a true development only if there is a true vision. The management of these potential requires a true Leadership.
What does this means? Making people’s life better, improving their standard of living. In this twenty first century of technology and globalization, the vast majority of people live with less than one dollars a day. And worse some go to bed without food. Paradoxically billions of dollars are spent every year through developing programs in order to reduce poverty but still, most of the people are poor. Poverty has become even endemic. So where is the money gone to? What is the use of these programs? How will the people overcome such a threatening issue? 
The adjustment policies implemented by the Breton woods institution in the 90’s failed to make people’s life better. NEPAD (New partnership for African development), but since the launch of this program, it has been a decade, still no major change. The new millennium goal is another program to make a substantial change in people’s life, but we have not seen any major change since the launch of such objective
Resolving poverty issue in Africa is more a question of programs or initiative. Are there people with enough who would like to make real change to people’s lives? The answer is yes. But do they have free hands to achieve their goals. In fact, this analysis raised another issue. Everybody know a little about a man who wanted to make things new in his country. Thomas was one of these leaders who have made a deep print in the world history and in their people’s mind. In fact, he was a man with vision for his country. This is such a leader Africa needs now. Leaders with true vision and new development ideas adapted to African environment, history and culture.

Africa does not lack such leader. But they are just not given the opportunity to act. Then what is the blockage? Neocolonialism, is a major obstacle to African development. If Africa does not unchain the ties with the western countries its development will still be linked to Europe’s. Africa has to free itself from economic ties with western countries. How? By making an efficient use of its resources. Africa has great potential. What it needs is brilliant and courageous minds to make good use of these potentials.


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