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Overcoming poverty in Africa.

No continent in the world has been linked to poverty as Africa. It is in fact the poorest continent in the world. Its population is about to reach a billion along with the consequences. More than a half of African population lives with less than one dollar a day. Every year thousands of people die of hunger, millions die of curable diseases. Africa is the richest continent in terms of raw materials: That is the paradox. It is clear that the wealth derived from the raw materials does not benefit the people of Africa. Their standard of living is not improving. It is of course a major reason why Africans are poor. How to overcome this? Good governance is the key issue. The misuse of public funds derived from the sale of raw materials is a major issue in Africa. It has become a threat to African development. When leaders are concerned with their own interested we should not expect a change in people standard of living. Unfortunately it is the situation of most African leaders. Fortunately …